The Food of America

Elliot Downey

When my birthday rolled around in early May, I decided for dinner to have pork steaks. I had then found out the absolute beauty and taste of this amazing cut. Some people will call me cheap, and that may be true, yet it does not matter how high in society you are in, anybody can appreciate the absolutely delicious taste of the almighty pork steak. Unlike other steaks or cuts, whenever you take a savory bite out of the pork steak, you know that you can feast like a king, without having to spend over a hundred dollars. The ability to buy a pound of delicious pork for 3 dollars makes this great food able to be affordable to the common man. I believe every man, woman, and child should try a barbecued pork steak. I believe pork steaks are the universal sign of freedom. I believe pork steaks are the food of America.