State Champions?


Christian Bolin

The regular season for the Priory lacrosse team is coming to an end with two games left against Lafayette and Summit, and this year has been nothing but an absolute success. Priory has had great wins against really good programs like CBC. We were also able to defeat John Burroughs 10-5 and take MICDS to overtime. With the postseason coming up and a solid record of 9-4, the team is looking good. With the skill Priory has been playing with this season, there shouldn’t be a reason to doubt Priory’s contention for a state championship, especially considering that we are ranked fourth in the state at the time of my writing. Obviously, there is going to be tough competition this year in the form of perennial state title competitors MICDS, De Smet, SLUH, and CBC. However, as I said previously, the Ravens, with a star-studded group of players and senior leadership, should see no problems facing any of these opponents.

We can’t get too ahead of ourselves, though, as both Summit and Lafayette are boasting impressive records, with Lafayette at 10-2 and Summit at 8-2. While I see the Ravens coming out with the wins we need to prepare for what is happening now, not for the future. I think that winning these games is extremely important for our postseason chances, as beating both teams will not only improve our record but also help our standings. Additionally, our possible contenders have difficult games ahead, with CBC going against MICDS and De Smet before the season ends. So while our chances for the postseason are looking good, we need to buckle down and win these games for the best possible outcome. 

On another note, many members of our team are doing very well individually. Colin Pim, at the time of writing, has the highest number of saves, highest save percentage, and lowest average goals allowed per game in the state. Our defense has also played amazingly, allowing the third lowest points per game among the top 12 teams. Sophomore Mick Murphy has also been a stand-out player in our offense, as he is ranked 11th in total goals in the league. We have had a great season so far, no doubt due to our great talent, hard work, and coaching. However…job’s not finished.