Wrestling Update

Aaron Parasch '24

The ‘Rasslin Birds have started off the season pretty well, with a dual record of 10-7. Recently the team competed at the St. Charles Tournament, which included 25 schools from all across Missouri and Illinois and showcased some of the toughest competition the team will see this season. With some of the squad sick and injured we only had two placers: Ethan Vernaci ‘23 and Aaron Parasch ‘24, who both took sixth out of 25 wrestlers in their weight classes. Another big win for the wrestling team came at our Conference Scramble, where there were no team points awarded, but where the wrestlers from each team duked it out to see who was number one in the conference. The teams present included MICDS, John Burroughs, and Westminster. Priory came out with three Conference Champions: Sam Kingston ‘25, Huck Simmons ‘24, and Aaron Parasch ‘24. They all asserted their dominance over the rest of the wrestlers in their weight class, winning all their matches by pins. The rest of the wrestlers in the conference couldn’t even last a full match with our champions! 

Our young team is really stepping up this year, with many new wrestlers coming to work hard. Some of our first-time highschool wrestlers this year are Alex Nania ‘24, Sam Kingston ‘25, Cameron Nelson ‘26, John Barnett ‘26, Gabe Dunnaway ‘25, Christian Bolin ‘26, Tyler Cineus ‘26, and Ryan Willard ‘26. They are all giving amazing performances this year, with many of them on the varsity lineup helping us rack up wins. 

In other news, the wrestling room has been renovated! It’s got new wall mats and an awesome wall design, so make sure to check out the room soon. Also, new mats are coming in the spring for next season. Watch out for the wrestlers for the next couple of weeks, especially Jack Pecoraro ‘24. Word is he is extremely hangry from trying to make weight, so steer clear. Be there to support our ‘Rassling Birds in these next few weeks and see them showcase their skills.