Puzzles and Riddles

Stacy Neal, Nick Kheriaty, and Bailey Kelly


One of Mrs. Neal’s favorite games to play with her family is a card game named Set.

This puzzle is a take on that game. The object of this puzzle (as in card game) is to

identify a set of 3 cards from an array of 4 x 3 cards. Each card has four features:

shape, color, number, and shading. A group of 3 cards is a set if each feature (analyzed

one-by-one) are the same on each card or are different on each card. Below are some

example sets:

In the puzzles below Mrs. Neal was able to identify 4 different sets, and Mrs. Fisher was able to identify 6 different sets. How many can you find?



Puzzle 1 was contributed by Mrs. Neal. Puzzle 2 was contributed by Mrs. Fisher. 


If you enjoyed this puzzle, you can try a daily puzzle on your own at

https://www.setgame.com/set/puzzle or try the card game with your own family!

Reference: setgame.com


SOLUTION – PUZZLE 1 – there are four sets

SOLUTION – PUZZLE 2 – there are six sets


From Mr. Kheriarty –

Three brothers check into a hotel. The clerk tells them that their total is $30, so they each pay $10, and head upstairs. The clerk then realizes that the total was actually was $25. He gives the bell boy $5 to deliver to the men. On the way upstairs, the bellboy thinks, “They can’t evenly divide $5 among three people”, so he pockets $2 as a tip, and gives them each $1 in change.

At this point, each brother has paid $9.  $9 x 3 = $27 Plus the $2 that the bellboy kept = $29.

What happened to the missing dollar?

Solution: The $2 that the bellboy kept are part of the $27. It should be $9 x 3 = $27

Plus the $3 the brothers received in change = $30.