A Crazy World Cup – round of 16 update


Andre Johnson

This World Cup has been a crazy roller coaster! One day you will see Messi and Argentina lose to Saudi Arabia by one goal. The next day, you will see Portugal demolish Switzerland 6-1. I will be going over favorite teams, recent scores, and rankings about who will win the World Cup. In this World Cup, Brazil has been favored to win along all. They have come out with strong opening games, with their only upset game being to Cameroon when they lost 0-1. Overall, Brazil has a strong team and could definitely progress their way to the finals. 

In the round of sixteen, Portugal blew Switzerland out of the water on Dec. 6 with a 6-1 triumphant game! Gonçalo Ramos scored three times, Pepe scored once, Raphaël Guerreiro scored once, and Rafael Leão scored once. Manuel Akanji was able to score one consolidation goal for the Swiss. When Morocco played Spain and the game went into OT. Nobody could score so they ended up in PKs, which Morocco eventually won with Achraf Hakimi sending them into the last eight of the World Cup. And Brazil smoked South Korea and won 4-1. During the first half, South Korea was playing recklessly and leaving nobody on defense letting Brazil effortlessly score. After Vinicius’ opening goal, Neymar came in and scored a penalty kick. Goals three and four were scored by Richarlison and Lucas Paqueta. By the end of the first half, Brazil was up 4-0. Brazil took its foot off the gas and South Korea stopped playing in kamikaze mode. The first half was a tone-setter, showing the rest of the world not to mess with Brazil. The game finished 4-1 after South Korea’s Paik Seung-Ho snuck in a goal. 

Brazil is by far the favorite to win the World Cup. Belgium is second with Argentina coming up third. Brazil is a favorite because of Neymar. He has scored 15 goals in 20 games, and according to a recent survey is ranked the third-best soccer player in the world, with Messi on top and Ronaldo a close second.

With all of these soccer games going on it’s hard to keep track of whose winning and whose losing! Now, it’s on to the quarter-finals…