Fall Strength and Conditioning Report

Owen Belt '23

We came, we saw, we conquered. When a small band of rambunctious students first stepped into the daunting chamber of the Priory weight room, little did they know what dreadful challenges awaited them. Led by their heroic captain and supermodel, Timothy Bussen, this group of little boys would set out to become men. Through blood, sweat, tears, and excessive amounts of rust, the might of the weight room would stand no chance against this all-star team of Priory students. In the beginning, we got off to a bad start. The majority of the team was inexperienced in battle, and, at first, it seemed as though the weights would get the better of us. From Cold War era iron plates to pull-up bars so rusty you need a tetanus shot to even use them, the Priory gym is no ordinary gym. Only due to the constant inspiration and athleticism from our leader, Timothy Bussen, did we manage to pull through the tough early stages of the year. From there, most of the term was smooth sailing. Weights were lifted, PR’s were made, and most of all, the once frail group transformed into powerful, boisterous young men. However, just as we grew complacent, our leader and supermodel Timothy Bussen was forced to depart from his lifting duties to help coach the football team. For a moment, the morale in the gym was at an all-time low. The lifts were not hitting the same without our precious captain. But we had come too far to give up now. Unperturbed by the absence of our captain, we grit our teeth and went back to work. We were also emboldened by an ever-growing group of injured cross country runners for whatever reason. By the end of the term, our group combined for an incredible season of strength and conditioning.