The Notre Dame Football Season


Kieran Hunkins '28

Okay, we need to talk about this. Notre Dame has not been playing at the level that it once did. For example, in our game against Marshall, an unranked Sun Belt team, the Fighting Irish lost 26-21. What was that?! In another case, the early season game against Ohio State, Notre Dame lost 21-10. Again, what was that?! Now, the Fighting Irish did have a good game against California, and defeated North Carolina, but they still should have won the games against Marshall and Ohio! Notre Dame has had 6 undefeated seasons, giving them the most undefeated seasons of any Division I team. 

To be fair, the team does have a new head coach, Marcus Freeman, but it’s not as if the players have forgotten what Brian Kelly, their previous head coach, taught them. Last year, Notre Dame ranked first among Independent schools in Division I, but now they rank fifth. However, the Fighting Irish still have a couple more games, the next one being on Saturday, Oct. 15 against Stanford, so I am going to give them one more chance.