An Interview with Mrs. Fisher

An Interview with Mrs. Fisher

Henry Rempe '27

There are certainly a lot of new things at Priory to be excited about. The new seventh grade, all the new teachers, and, of course, all the renovation around campus. But I am going to focus on the new teachers, and one teacher in particular, Mrs. Fisher. I had the privilege to interview her and ask her some questions. 


Tell a little bit about yourself.


Most people will be surprised to know that I’m actually Canadian. I was born in Montreal and lived there until I moved to St. Louis after elementary school. But if you ask me where I’m from, I will say St. Louis; it’s just an easier answer. I didn’t attend a private school until college; I went to public school at Kirkwood, Go Pioneers! My daughter is turning 1 so that’s a big milestone that we’re looking forward to celebrating, along with the several teeth that have come in. For fun I like to go on walks with my family, make homemade ice cream, journal, paint and craft (several of my works are on display in my home) and, with the addition of a sewing machine, I’ve started my first sewing project.


What are your hopes for the future?


I’m hoping that my 1 year old continues to be a good baby, now a toddler. We are very thankful that she has slept through the night for many months, allowing us to get a good night’s sleep so that I can be kind and patient with my students the next day. I also hope to enjoy my tenure at Priory. I’ve already met many staff members who are supportive and friendly, it’s a great environment. My students challenge me daily in positive and less positive ways, but they’ve shown that they are eager and responsive to the material I’m presenting, which makes class enjoyable.

Why did you choose Priory?


Priory is a different school from my previous position – in age, gender, and job responsibilities. Over the summer, I learned HTML and CSS for Form 2 and Python for Form 4. I’m still a learner in these areas, but I hope that the challenge I was presented with will demonstrate to my students that you can do tough tasks with time, effort, and an openness to learning. I chose Priory because it was a good fit for me. Like our students, I think it has already challenged me to learn new skills, but has also provided me with excellent support systems so that I can get help when I struggle.


When did you know that you wanted to be a computer science teacher? 


I taught my first class of students as a high school freshman and my family has a long tradition in education. My background is originally in Elementary Education. I came to computer science through my Master’s and additional certification. I try to impart that computer science shouldn’t be limited to using a piece of technology as a substitute for something analog (paper and pencil), it should encourage you to think critically, communicate, collaborate, and be creative. I enjoy computer science because it has limitless possibilities and applications. I want students to have the opportunity to also see its potential in their own lives.


Anything else that you want to share?


I have several awesome robots, so if my classes can stay on track with our learning, we might have a chance to try them out later!