Trip to Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands


Matthew Loftus '23

This past summer I went on a photography and wildlife conservation trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. The trip was through a travel organization called Putney Student Travel, which took myself and twenty other students to the islands to teach us about the local sights, culture, wildlife, and general living of the Galapaguera people for fifteen days. I would highly recommend Putney to anyone looking to go see the world in unique and interesting ways.

While we were on the islands, we got the opportunity to take pictures of some of the local wildlife and townspeople, as well as snorkel and surf in the water. In addition, multiple National Geographic researchers joined us throughout the course of the trip and taught about some of their own unique research and experiences related to the islands. It was incredibly interesting to hear about the science and research that regularly occurs on the island. I was able to take a number of photographs that both National Geographic and Putney are evaluating to potentially feature in magazines and/or website itineraries.

While the sites and information were incredible, it was equally amazing to meet a whole host of people from all over the United States who shared a common interest in seeing the world. I made lots of lasting connections with these people, most of whom I have remained friends with since the trip ended in mid-July. The experience of traveling alone was another fun aspect that I would recommend, as it was fun to be fully independent and own the experience in a more full and personable way. Ultimately, I would recommend to anyone that wishes to travel to seek out this company, as they have a number of incredible travel opportunities to some of the most scenic and interesting places on the planet.