Raven Renovation Update


Editorial Staff

If you’ve looked out the windows of the 200s hallway recently, or walked over to the Science and Arts Center for class, you’ve probably noticed that things on campus are a little different. The circle drive is just a pile of gravel, the pond is a big hole, and everywhere there seems to be the hum of machinery as Raven Renovation chugs along. You, the reader, may be asking yourself: when is this all going to be done? Well, as it just so happens, the editorial staff has obtained, from an anonymous source, internal administration emails detailing the master plans for the construction of the new junior school, outdoor and indoor commons, and the circle drive. 

First, the shadowy contractor known to us as “BSI” has estimated that the circle drive and lobby will be complete by the end of October, saving countless junior schoolers from the almost impossibly strenuous walk down from the Science and Arts Center. We suspect that Mrs. Arnett will also be happy to hear this news. Secondly, the new Junior School area, to be known officially as the Ian Petit Center for Forms I & II, is projected to be ready for use immediately after Christmas Break, along with the new indoor commons. Finally, the new and improved theater should be ready for use in the Winter term. New carpeting, seating, and wiring still needs to be installed.

Of course, given the vagaries of the weather and the complexities of supply chain issues, it would be prudent to take all of this news with a grain of salt. However, assuming that these deadlines are to be met, we will certainly be looking out over a much different campus come Spring.