Year Review


Camden Dieker '26

As we start nearing the end of our school year at Priory, things are starting to change, and rapidly. One of the biggest things in the school that has been gone for so long is the pizza machine is now back full time! This has been a long-awaited arrival, as the pizza machine was the heart of Priory lunches, and still is. Another great thing is the most obvious thing from this year is the great removal of the mask mandate. Long-awaited since the beginning of COVID-19 in 2019, we have finally removed the masks from our tiring faces. The amount of hurt and sorrow caused by the masks has finally been revoked from the cruel world and given us freedom.

With exams just around the corner, all the students are working harder than ever to lock their grades with a positive A+. The amount of ground this school has covered in the past year has just been amazing, and I believe this place has a lot going for it for a good solid amount of time. The teachers have been piling homework and tests left and right to get us as ready as possible for our next step up, for some even college. Everyone is trying to cram in everything they can to get bonus points for their resume, and the entire school turns to chaos. The work goes from hard to impossible, and people start to lose control of their grades.

But that is all the fun and games of school, the challenge of the beginning and end, the hard spots and the sweat and tears, just makes us remember, that the end is what we are for, and the journey is worth every inch. This school year has been a great school year, and I hope everyone has a great summer.