Wordle Variations


Henry Rempe '27

Just about everyone knows what Wordle is, whether you play it, or someone you know plays it. Even some teachers play it! The sad thing is, there is only one Wordle a day, and when you have finished it, it’s done and there is nothing else to do. But is there? There are many other variations of Wordle out there. Here are the best and the worst.


GLOBLE       ——————-      8/10

Probably one of the most known variations, Globle is a game where you have to guess a country. You put in a country, and the darker the color of the country is, the closer you are. One of the best things about Globle is that you have unlimited guesses. The only drawback is that you only have one a day. 


WORLDLE       ——————-      6/10

Probably one of the hardest games to find, because whenever you look it up, it automatically goes to Wordle, so you have to press “search instead for Worldle”. The searching pays off though. This game is very similar Globle, but instead of having a globe to help, it shows you the picture of the country and when you guess a country it tells you which direction to go. Also unlike Globle, you have a limited amount of guesses. The drawbacks are that you are limited to one a day, and as I already mentioned, it is hard to find.


ABSURDLE       ——————-      9.5/10

This game is very fun because not only can you play the game unlimited times a day, but also, unlike Wordle, the answer constantly changes. This game is basically Wordle, but you can play it as many times as you like. I think this is the second best variation.         



NERDLE / MATHLE       ——————-      8/10

These two games are(obviously) about math. I put these two together, because they are so similar. You have to make a math equation, and it will tell you if a number is in the equation or not. They are not too hard to figure out, but if a number is green, it could be used twice.                                                            



WAFFLE       ——————-      🧇/10(there is no number to measure it’s magnificence)

By now, you might just think I am naming foods, but waffle is a game of wordle. You swap the letters around to make 5 different words, almost like a crossword puzzle, but not exactly. Personally, this is my favorite wordle variation and I think it has the best name, but that’s just me. When looking up waffle you get well, waffles; so you have to look up waffle game for it to come up. 


CROSSWORDLE/REVERSLE       ——————-      2/10

Honestly this game looked good, but it was just too hard. You have to work a wordle backwards. It takes way too long, and it is honestly just a waste of time.  These two games are too hard to have any fun with. DO NOT PLAY THESE GAMES!


QOURDLE, OCTORDLE….       ——————-      2.5/10 – 1/10

Quordle, in my opinion, is just a harder version of wordle. On Octordle, you can’t even get on it on a computer, it takes too long to load. But, if you somehow get onto octordle on your computer, it is lagy. I know many people will disagree with me on the Quordle rating, but I don’t think the game is that fun.