Water Polo Update- Priory’s Newest Sport


Priory’s Sam Adams looks for a pass to set.

After many years of trying to get aquatic sports to Priory, Priory has been able to co-op a water polo team with CBC. The team has had a very successful season winning 16 of their 21 games.

When asked about the season and playing water polo with CBC, Junior Sam Adams said, “The water polo season has gone pretty well. The team has had some difficulties with injuries and sickness, but that hasn’t stopped us from having some great games. Everyone has played well. It is really fun playing for the CBC-Priory team. Everyone on the team is super nice and we all get along really well. It’s just a good team atmosphere all around.” 

Some team highlights include a one-point win against Parkway Central and two blowouts of Chaminade. The regular season is officially over meaning that it is time to tackle the team goal to make it to the Final Four of the state tournament which has not been done in either school’s history. We play Parkway South this Saturday, May 7, at 3:45 p.m. in the John Burroughs Natatorium as a part of the first round of the state tournament. It would be great to get fans out to that game! 

If high school athletes are interested in swimming or playing water polo as a part of this co-op next year, please talk to Sam Adams. Coach Borella recommends to anyone interested to please consider joining a summer league to learn the game, so next season can go as smoothly as possible. It would be great to get a stronger Priory representation and maybe eventually form our very own team!