The Stannard House Preview


John Zemlyak '25

Do you want the writing pieces you are most proud of to be on display for the whole school to read and enjoy? The Stannard House, an annual collection and publication, provides an opportunity for some of the best-written work by students each year to be exhibited. 

An aspect of Stannard House that makes it unique is that it is almost entirely created by students. Not only do your fellow students provide works of literature, they create artwork, edit and refine this collection. The student-editor job plays a very important role for the final product. Editors select pieces from a large compilation including poems and short stories from all six forms. These selections are not based solely on the quality of the piece, but rather how well the story or poem would flow in the collection. Editors spend hours on simply choosing the right pieces and organizing them in the order which would make the Stannard House collection the most interesting for the readers. The editors complete this by utilizing club periods and time away from school including Easter Break, in order to work on polishing and perfecting the pieces. Afterward, editors are given the task of proofreading and preparing for final printing. The entire process can be laborious, but is worthwhile as students are able to enjoy the work of their peers.  

This year’s Stannard House has just been sent to the print shop and should be ready to be distributed in the advisory period next Friday.