Joachim Graf von Reichenbach ’24 Interview

Joachim Graf von Reichenbach 24 Interview


When he’s not tearing up the track in the 110 meter hurdles or proving his mettle in an Oreo-eating contest, Priory’s very own Joachim Graf von Reichenbach is just a normal American high school student…or so we think. In an attempt to crack this German enigma, my fellow Record editor Charles L’Hommedieu and I caught up with Joachim in the halls to ask him a few questions.

Interview Questions: 

Was adapting to the American school and culture hard?

“No. I don’t think so. It was actually pretty easy. People were very nice to me. Sure, there were some things that were different, and I had to deal with that, but it wasn’t impossible.”


What did you really like about priory?

“Probably the atmosphere. In Germany, your school is just the place where you go to study and take your exams and stuff, and at Priory, or in America in general, it’s more like your entire life, kind of. All your friends are here. All your sports are here. I don’t know, it feels more like a family, I guess.”


What’s one thing you missed from Germany?

“German food. Yeah, I really miss some German food, like my favorite food, it’s a bit like a burrito, but it’s not a burrito. I really miss that. And then my friends, some of my friends.”


How has your experience been with Priory sports?

“Pretty good. I’m a big football fan now. I think football is pretty awesome. And I’ve really liked it so far because there are so many. I’ve tried a lot of new sports, and they were a lot of fun, like wrestling, and football, and track now.”


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this year?

“In general, the American spirit, I guess. Being confident about a lot of stuff.”


What’s the worst thing about the United States?

“The food is very unhealthy. So, you’ve got to be very careful what you eat. The food tastes good, but it’s definitely not healthy.”


Best new food?

“New food? Probably tacos. I’ve never eaten tacos in Germany. And my favorite drink is definitely Mountain Dew now. My uncle hooked me on it. I don’t know how I can survive without Mountain Dew now.”