Wrestling Recap


Coach Jennings

The pre-season started off great! We hired a new coach, Gary Eagan, who brought a lot of focus and experience to the team. Having him, we were able to have pre-season workouts— which is always a good thing. Along with Coach Eagan, we had some wrestlers come out for their first time as well as some wrestlers returning from a year off due to Covid. We were looking good for our numbers. 

A week or two into our practices, a couple of the boys decided wrestling wasn’t for them at this time. It sucked to lose those guys, but we will never tell someone not to follow their passions. We wished them well and continued our practices. 

Even though we didn’t have any individual State Qualifiers, I feel that this season was just as great as my first two seasons with Priory. My first year, I didn’t feel the community much. My second year, Covid hit and it felt like the community was literally forbidden to support. This season I felt the community in a big way. We were able to have a team gathering, team banquet, the families were coming out to support all of the boys, classmates were coming out to support us as well. It felt so much more like a team. Along with all of the support from friends and family, the boys took on teammate roles very well this season. Our captains led by example and our underclassmen followed their lead. I’m sorry to see our seniors go. I’m also happy to know what our non-seniors will bring back next season. 

In respect to competition, I know the Priory Wrestling team wrestled it’s tail off all season. We were 16 – 6 in dual meets and picked up two very competiive tournaments with Class 3 & 4 schools. Working with these guys is a blessing. They are so intelligent and eager to learn that teaching them is a breeze (most of the time). If I had to narrow it down to something we can do better as a whole, I would say planning our extracurricular activities a little better. Along with Covid exposures holding us out, I believe that the doctors appointments, work & club obligations, often got in the way of our practice and even our competition time. 


If you’re on the fence about wrestling. Do it for a season. See how you like it.