Favorite Colors


Grant Novak '22

For the past couple of months, I have been collecting people’s favorite colors. Whether they are good friends of mine or a stranger I just met, I ask them this very important question. Some of you may ask me “why colors of all things?” I just think it’s a small thing that you can keep track of. It also works as a good icebreaker when you don’t know what else to say. Best of all, you can secretly judge people. If their favorite color is a greenish yellow, you need to stay away from them. Most importantly, it’s a way to remember events. When I look back on the list of names and colors, I can remember the person as well as when I asked them. On the Pro-Life March in Washington DC, I got to ask Archbishop Rozanski his favorite color. It’s blue! I can see that name on the list and remember that moment. There are 156 different names currently on the list and I put them all into a chart, which you see here. While most people answer normal colors like blue or green, some people had more creative answers. Two people said that clear as their favorite color, and Doctor G said that he doesn’t know how to answer the question. Two more people told me that blush was their favorite color and one person even said juice. I’m still not sure what to make of that. Most importantly, our overlord, Mr. Hessel, said his favorite color was blue. So plain.