Lunch Survey Results

Lunch Survey Results

Ryan Trammell '27

I recently conducted a lunch survey for Form I and Form II students because I thought it would be interesting to see what the favorite lunches and deserts were. The results were quite interesting, though somewhat predictable.  

Of the 52 people who voted, 51.9% (or 27 people) said that the chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches were the best ice cream. The other notable answer was the big Neapolitan bar, with 15.4% of the voters (8 people). The rest of the ice creams were split into groups too small to distinguish.


Of the 52 people that voted for the best other treats, 40.4% (21 people) said the Rice Krispy Treats and 42.3% (or 22 people) said the mini cookie bag.



For the best drink, of the 52 people who voted, 48.1% (25 people) said chocolate milk, 23.1% said apple juice (12 people), and 11.5% (6 people) said fruit punch. The other drinks were split into groups too small to mention. 


When voting for the best lunch, of the 52 people that voted, 12 said chicken tenders were the best, 5 said the spicy chicken sandwich was the best, 6 said toasted ravioli was the best, and 4 said chicken parm was the best. The rest of the meals were mentioned 3 times or fewer, and I couldn’t include them all in this article. Unfortunately, I have no graph to show the favorite meals due to a lack of common spelling and capitalization.

Of the 21 people who voted for best soup, 9 said the chili was the best, 7 said the chicken noodle was the best, and 2 said Bomba was the best. There were many other soups mentioned, like broccoli-cheddar, tomato, and the most common soup: “IDK”. Unfortunately, there is no graph for this as well for the same reasons as the best meal survey. 

To summarize the survey, according to Form I and II students, the best ice cream is the chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, the best other treat is the mini cookie bag, the best drink is chocolate milk, the best meal is chicken tenders, and the best soup is chili. Maybe it’s worth trying a favorite if you haven’t yet.