Hockey Update


Cam Phillips '22

  Is this thing on? Oh well. Ladies and gentlemen, we have well surpassed the halfway mark of the Priory hockey season. This year we have really hit the ground running. We’ve had a great amount of luck gathering some good talent and hard workers from other schools and from the underclassmen. We’ve had some tough losses, but the team is shaping up to go the distance in the playoffs.

After Christmas, we’ve had nothing but outstanding effort throughout the team, especially our goalies William Azrak and Cody Schwoeppe. We have gone five consecutive games without letting up a point, and the boys are ”buzzin.” When asked about the performance of the team going into the end of the season, assistant captain Charlie Walker had this to say: “We’re just some goobers doin what goobers do best: goobin.” Some inspiring words from midstates’ leader in goals, points, and assists. Our fearless leader, Mr. Getz, also had a few of his own words, “Ring ding ding daa baa, baa aramba baa bom baa barooumba. Wh-wha-what’s going on-on? Ding, ding. This is the Crazy Frog.”

We have had some tough losses in the beginning of the season, but there is still some question as to where we will stand in the playoffs. It is rumored that a certain few teams have decided to throw games in order to make it into the Wickenheiser Cup. When asked about this, assistant captain Ryan Lally said, “The amount of bajimbus going on in this league is absurd…” he then continued to ramble on about getting an A- freshman year.

Anyways, we have two more games left in the season, and you better bet the boys are ready for some big dubs. “Let’s get this bazingus started,” said assistant captain Mason Karpel. So pay attention to the themes, drive out to the freezing cold rinks late at night, and cheer on the boys. Bring some friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, and any random person you may find on the street. Let’s pack the barn!

Priory Hockey is currently 13-5 and is riding high on a five-game win streak. The next game is against Ladue at Brentwood Ice Rink, this Saturday at 9:30 pm. Notable games from this season include a 5-0 win against Burroughs, two victories against MICDS, and a 5-2 win against Ladue.