Why take a Viz girl to VP?


Sejal Sekhar

Alright listen up and listen up good, getting a Viz girl to be your date is a momentous occasion which means the preparation has to be just that. Now everyone has heard the phrase diamonds are a girl’s best friend, well throw that garbage out the window. That is not how us Viz girls roll. The true way to a Viz heart is through the stomach. Food is our weakness. Never ask a Viz girl to the dance on a day they do not have advisory because they most likely skipped their snack.

Viz is the number one girl school, so treat your girl as the number one they are. That means pull out all the stops! Signs, balloons, FOOD, and if you really want to show your love, fireworks spelling out “Will you go to the dance with me?”

Viz girls work hard alright, so give them the break they deserve. Here are some guidelines you need to meet before you consider asking them:

  1. Am I good enough to take them as a date?
  2. How many other guys have asked them (since Viz girls are a catch)?
  3. Do my dance moves go hard?
  4. Will I get showed up by a Viz girl on the dance floor?


Alright alright, let me break down the answers to those questions for you.

  1. Yeah I guess you are good enough to take them, but you need to be on your best game that day. I’m talking the works! Hair on fleek, shoes shiny, tie tied (if you have a bowtie, reconsider)
  2. You have to ask fast or they will be taken before you can say “Viz is going to win the can food drive.” Remember, Viz girls wait on no one.
  3. If they don’t, you better start watching some tutorials
  4. The reality of the matter is Viz girls have the best moves out there. To be honest, if your date has taken Spanish class at Viz you do not stand a chance. Sra. Villmer has prepared us for this very moment and we can salsa, bachata, and so much more, so it might be better to just stay out of our way and get blown away by the sweet moves.


Nervous? You should be. I expect all Viz girls to be treated like the queens they are. Need inspiration on ways to ask? I got you covered


Alright if you need a poster idea here we go:

  1. I couldn’t WEIGHT to ask you, so I’ll JUST DO IT! VP?
  2. VP would be RUFF without you! Give them a dog when asking, duh.
  3. My personal favorite: A blimp!


Still need help? You are on your own buddy. Just know the expectation is high, just like Viz is on the MO all girl school ranking list.