Should Santa Mask Up?


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Santa Claus in his coronavirus face mask with two thumbs up for approval.

Ryan Trammell '27

Santa is one of the most iconic things about Christmas, though after Jesus and his birth, of course! Last year, Santa managed to deliver everyone their presents, despite him and his reindeer having to be masked. This year, things have changed. Now there are vaccines and Santa has gotten his. Should he have to wear a mask this year even if he’s vaccinated? I don’t think so. 

Last year was different. There were no vaccines and the pandemic still had its uncertainties. This year, it should be safe for Santa to be unmasked. Besides, it’s not like anyone other than his elves is going to be near him when he’s at your house. Santa isn’t going to sneeze on your presents guys, so he shouldn’t need a mask. If his elves are concerned, then they can quarantine after Christmas! 

Santa also shouldn’t need a mask because how is he going to eat the cookies and drink the milk you left out for him if he has a mask on?! He can take his mask down if he has it on, but it is way easier if he doesn’t wear one. Maybe Santa should carry one with him, in case a family wants him to be masked up, but he shouldn’t have to wear one in general. 

Santa should not need to wear a mask in people’s homes unless they really want him to, because he is vaccinated and therefore mostly safe from COVID-19. Santa will get a COVID-19 test and quarantine before Christmas, so there is no way for him to carry COVID-19. Therefore, there is no reason to worry. Maybe you can stay up this year and see if he’s wearing a mask or not!