Parental Gift Ideas


Nick Parafiniuk

Priory students are known for being romantic, kind, generous men, but somehow we have trouble figuring out what we should get our parents for Christmas. Who better to ask advice from than our own teachers, many of whom are parents? Over the course of the week, I asked various Priory faculty: “What would be a great gift to receive as a parent?” Here are their responses and maybe you can get some inspiration… 


 “Give them a good book. Old people like to sit around and read.” 

-Dr. Griesbauer


“A captioned album. I laugh and cry the whole time!”

-Mrs. Nowak

Who doesn’t love an emotional rollercoaster?!


“Necklaces with mom charms. Or something she likes. A behavior decree was something my daughter gave me one year promising to work on little things that annoyed me.”

-Mrs. Hostnik

Personally, I love this idea because we all have something we can be more conscious of. 


“Something meaningful like a photo in a frame with your mom, a handsome photo of the son and mom or even the parents together. It has to be framed though!”

-Mrs. Riet-Lague 

It’s better if you are in it!


“An ornament with something meaningful.”

-Mrs. Arroyo

You can never go wrong with an ornament. It’s a Christmas classic. 


“Give your mom an amaryllis plant.” 

-Fr. Cassian


“Earrings with closed backs are my go-to.”

-Ms. Russell (our new Human Resources person) 


“Their love and to clean their room.”

-Mr. Mohrmann 


“Quality time together.”

-Mrs. Winkeler 


“A craft or picture frame. All we want is a little caring.”

-Mr. Malecek


“The thought is what counts. Think specific. If it deals with their passion, that’s even better.” (Side note: don’t overuse it to where the gift only has to deal with this passion)

-Dr. Plaxco


“All fathers want something from the heart.”

-Mr. Hessel