Heard in the Halls

Heard in the Halls

Student:  Pope Francis is kinda progressive, I could see him doing some… woman things.


Student 1:*throws whiteboard marker in doctrine*

Student 2: Why are we being so violent? This game is about God.

Student 1: NO! This is about winning!


Student:  That’s what’s great about my opinion:  You can’t prove it wrong.


Teacher:  This is really a feverish trip, man.


Student:  What if we all had to speak in Calligraphy? 


Student 1:  That’s a dumb question.

Student 2:  Well, I’m a dumb person.  


Student: If Cedric gets above a 90 I’m gonna kick him in the neck.  

*Let it be known that Cedric got above a 90*


Student 1:  How’s the new Spanish teacher?  

Student 2:  He makes us do Spanish.  


Teacher: We could have done the homework already, but you wasted twenty minutes complaining that you shouldn’t have to do the homework.


Teacher: Who wants to play me in Clash Royale for extra credit?


Student: This is pretty boppin’, respectfully.


Teacher:  Let’s say that, hypothetically, I scooped his brain out…


Teacher: I am now allowing everyone to punch Jack.


Student: Yesterday the Gestapo entered the senior lounge.