Christmas Survey


Henry Rempe '27

When I read Adam Bealke’s and Michael Assioun’s surveys in The Record, I was inspired to make a survey myself. Obviously, it would be about Christmas, but I couldn’t decide what to ask. For Thanksgiving, you would obviously ask about food, but Christmas doesn’t have just one thing, so I asked a lot of questions.

What is the best Christmas Movie?

Home Alone– 37.3%

Elf– 29.4%


Surprisingly to me, Home Alone was first followed by Elf. I thought Elf was the best Christmas movie ever, so it came as a surprise when Home Alone won. After Elf, people put out their own movies. The most popular movies were Christmas Vacation and The Christmas Story. Among the more interesting responses were Christmas Shoes simply “no.”


What is the best Christmas Song?    Christmas song graph

“All I Want For Christmas Is You”- 3.4%

“Jingle Bells”- 3.4%

“Carol of the Bells”- 2.5% 

Now that I am looking back at my survey, I realize that I probably should have made it multiple choice because there were SO many different answers. The most common answer was “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, closely followed up by “Jingle Bells.”

The most interesting ones were “Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer,” “Hippopautomas,” and “The Christmas Snog” (probably “The Christmas Song”). 


Christmas tree: real or fake?

Real- 50.8%

Fake- 44.4%

The next question asked if you should have a real or fake Christmas tree or none. It was very close, but real trees won followed very closely by fake trees. You might be asking yourself, wait did 5% say no to Christmas trees? Actually no, nobody voted for no christmas trees so the rest was filled up with people saying their own answers. One person said having an apple tree was best.


Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Yes- 43.7%

No- 56.3%

This question was proposed by my brother and it was just for fun. It was much closer than I anticipated. Of course people saying Santa is fake won, but only by a little bit. Remember, this question was just for fun and it doesn’t mean anything, or does it?


What is the best thing about Christmas?

Not having to go to school- 34.1%

Staying home with your family- 21.4%

Receiving presents- 19%

The next question was probably my favorite because it asked people what the best thing about Christmas was. Most people, as expected, responded with not having to go to school, followed by staying home with your family which I did not at all expect. The people that gave their own answers were even more interesting. One person said the best thing was Christmas morning. Another person said getting together with his family. Lastly, a person said putting the CHRIST back in Christmas. I thought these were some of the best answers on the survey.


What are the best Christmas meals?

Ham- >20%

The next question was proposed by the editors. I got so many different answers it was hard to even read them all. Most of the meals included some type of ham, so I am going to put ham as the highest and leave it at that. 

The most interesting answers were quail, pig head, and ambrosia salad. I had no idea what ambrosia salad was. All I knew is that the Greek gods and goddesses ate ambrosia. In reality, ambrosia is an American variety of fruit salad originating in the southern United States. Most ambrosia recipes contain canned (often sweetened) or fresh pineapple, canned mandarin orange slices, slices or fresh orange sections, miniature marshmallows and coconut. That sounds really good to me!


What are the best Christmas foods?

Hot chocolate- 33.3%

Christmas cookies- 29%

Milk and Cookies- 20.5%

My final question asked what is the best Christmas food (not meals)? I added this question about an hour through the survey and I got very interesting answers. The most common answers were hot chocolate followed by Christmas cookies. The most interesting answers for this section were puppy chow, ramen, Sprite Cranberry, and Christmas tree leaves. 


Thank you to all of the people who filled out this survey! A few things I learned during this survey that may help people who want to make their own survey….

1- Making a survey is fun!

2- Having people answer a survey is fun!