Thanksgiving Food Survey


Adam Bealke

Most people would agree that the best thing about Thanksgiving is the food. That is why I decided to survey the students of Priory to find out what foods are their favorite. The survey was divided into three sections: entrées, sides, and desserts; I left the survey open for 12 hours. After all of the results were submitted, here is what was gathered:



1st- Turkey (45.9%)

2nd- Mac & cheese (18.5%)

3rd- Baked ham (16.6%)


As expected, Turkey topped the polls possessing nearly half of the votes. Mac & cheese and baked ham followed, but not very closely. These three led the entrées by a lot, as the next highest item was chicken with only 3%. 


Sides and appetizers:

1st- Bread rolls (32.9%)

1st- Mashed potatoes and gravy (32.9%)

3rd- Stuffing (16.8%)


I enjoyed reading through the results for sides and appetizers because I found some very unique answers. Bread rolls and mashed potatoes tied for first, and combined had ⅔ of the votes. Stuffing placed third, which surprised me since stuffing is better than any other food on this list. Cranberries placed 4th with a pathetic 3.9%. Only two other items had more than one vote: green beans and birds nest soup. There were many items with only one vote, but here are a few of my favorite ones: sweet potatoes, naan (flatbread), smalahove (sheeps head), rocky mountain oysters and jellied moose nose. My least favorite answer was gluten free bread.



1st- Pumpkin pie (38.1%)

2nd- Apple pie (22.6%)

3rd- Ice cream (8.4%)


Pumpkin pie won the desserts poll with no surprise. Apple pie followed in second but after that the votes began to differ. Many people said they enjoy homemade and family recipes for desserts, and a few people said they didn’t eat desserts. Following closely behind ice cream were pecan pie, pumpkin bread, cookies, brownies and cupcakes. Each had somewhere between 2.5 – 4% of the votes. 


Do you agree with the results?


As I was reading the results with some of my friends, there were a few answers that turned some heads. So just in case you haven’t heard of these, here is a little about some of the interesting foods people have eaten at Thanksgiving:


Jellied moose nose:

Jellied moose nose is a delicacy served on special occasions, most commonly found in Canada. It is exactly what you think: part of a moose’s snout cooked into jelly.


Smalahove is a Norwegian dish usually served on the Sunday before Christmas. The dish itself is a cooked lamb head. Smalahove is not eaten very often in the United States, but is often served to tourists in parts of Europe.

Gluten-free bread:

Gluten-free bread is a disgusting food served to those who have a gluten allergy or celiac disease. It is often looked down upon, especially on Thanksgiving, because it shouldn’t be served with food that is good.