Junior School Snack Survey


Michael Assioun

Have you ever wondered about what the best snack the Junior School has received after sports is? About a week ago, I was debating with a couple of my Form I friends on which snack is the best. I got multiple answers that I didn’t agree with, so I decided to make a Google Form on people’s favorite snacks and juice. The survey asked people to choose their favorite snack and juice as well as make suggestions for any additional snacks.

First, let’s talk about the snacks. The options were Funyuns, Sun Chips, Chex Mix, Nutri Grain, Chewy Chocolate-Chip Bar, Nature Valley Crisp, Cheez-Its, Lay’s Barbecue Chips, and Cool Ranch Doritos. My personal favorite was Funyuns, and that’s what I voted for, although Cheez-Its ended up winning by a long run, with 22 points. Second place went to Lay’s Barbecue Chips at 10 points. Third place was tied between Funyuns and Sun Chips, followed by Cool Ranch Doritos with 8, and Chex-Mix ended with 7 points. Nature Valley Crisps got 1 point, while Chewy Chocolate-Chip Bar and Nutri Grain finished with 0 points! The main recommendations were Normal Lay’s, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Goldfish, Popcorn, Pringles, Pretzels, Cheetos, Oreos, and Welch Fruit Snacks. Some of the more interesting ones were Ritz Crackers with Cheese and Ham, Peanuts, Baked Lays, Nutty Buddies, Munchies, Oranges, Dill Pickle Lay’s, Steak, Mac & Cheese, and someone even said Full Meals!

The “obvious” winner of the best juice – with the options being apple juice, orange juice, and cranberry juice – was apple juice. Apple Juice came in first with 55 points and Cranberry Juice tied Orange Juice with 5 points. The interesting part was the other recommendations. The normal ones that you would expect were Gatorade, Chocolate Milk, Water/Propel, Soda, Grape Juice, and Lemonade. The interesting ones were Pineapple Juice, Sprite Cranberry, and Hawaiian Punch. 

The one ‘con’ of snacks is the lack of cleaning up. Students in the Junior School sometimes carelessly leave their trash in the place they ate, making the janitors’ jobs much harder. You see chips bags in the hall or on a seat, and juice by a backpack, or on a table. This was very irritating, and it was time to act. Mrs. Lane and Mr. Mitchom sent us an email with these pictures. Let’s change this and clean up after snack!