Junior School Construction Update


Nick Parafiniuk

During our homecoming festivities on Oct. 23, Priory began construction on the first phase of their Share the Promise Campaign with a ceremony outside the theater. This event was a huge success. Throughout the process, The RECORD will be providing written and photo updates from Mrs. Riet-Lague and Mr. Fitzgerald. 

Mrs. Riet-Lague says that “As you all have noticed, construction vehicles have been spotted over at the former Junior School for the past few weeks. We are currently in Phase I of the Share the Promise Campaign, which will transform the former junior school into a new arts and science facility with four new labs, instructional space, and dedicated spaces for student research, design projects, robotics, medieval arts and studio arts.” 

Demolition is solidly underway, and will continue through Christmas. Mechanical rough-ins are now beginning, and you can see that progress is being made. The remaining structural demolition will occur after the steel arrives, and then metal studs and drywall will be installed.”

Mr. Fitzgerald adds that “The HVAC units in classrooms 1 through 6 have also been removed. Temporary units have been brought in to heat the building.  The Robotics program is remaining operational during the construction and is enjoying a greatly expanded space that includes the current robotics room, plus the old photo darkroom and photography room.  Completing interior demolition and removal of the old HVAC system will be the focus through Christmas.”


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