What if…?


Henry Rempe '27

Note: Spoiler Warning

With the conclusion of Marvel’s What If…?, we are left with time to look back at the best moments from the series. The series started off with a bang, introducing Captain Carter. Underused in the movies, she finally got the attention she deserved, though she still partly shared the spotlight with Steve Rogers. 

The next episode commemorated the passing of the late Chadwick Boseman. The episode swapped the characters of T’challa to Peter Quill almost flawlessly. It was interesting to see the difference between the two versions of “The Collector.” This was one of my personal favorites. 

The series took a turn in the third episode, which showed what would happen if the Avengers died. The scene with Hank Pym as the Wasp was not clearly explained, making it a little confusing. It tied smartly with Overlord Loki, and the Loki we saw in episode five of Loki.

Up to this point, The Watcher was not really shown, but this changed in the next episode, “What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?” This episode had an unexpected twist at the end with Uatu. The Watcher reveals himself for the first time not behind the intermultiversial wall. 

I never saw the next episode, “What If… Zombies?!” I had no interest in watching this episode because I am not interested in zombies, but I heard it was one of the better episodes. 

The next episode twisted the events of Iron Man, putting Tony Stark on a path with Killmonger, who saved his life. This and episode nine were the only episodes that showed the villain winning, or taking over control. 

The third-to-last episode, “What If… Thor Was an Only Child?” showed what would happen if Loki had never been adopted by Odin, which led to a very funny episode. 

“What If… Ultron Won?” was by far the best episode in my opinion. Simply put, Ultron got snubbed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In the comics, Ultron was created by Hank Pym, and he was more powerful than even Thanos; because he never died, it was always an Age of Ultron. In the movies, the Age of Ultron lasted for what, one day? I think this episode showed how powerful Ultron really was. I honestly think it should have been called “What If… Vision Was Evil?” because that is what really happened. This was the only episode that showed Uatu The Watcher fight in an amazing sequence. 

The final episode of the season was awesome. Captain Carter, Star Lord (T’challa), Doctor Strange, Killmonger, Gamora, and Thor all teamed up to fight Ultron. However, the part with Ultron using the Infinity Stones to conquer other universes was slightly wrong. If they were the Stones from one universe, they could not work in the other; this is why the Infinity Stone Crusher didn’t work. So why did the Stones work? Despite this slight error, I thought it was a good episode. 

The post-credits scene showed Captain Carter finding an occupied, still intact Hydra Stomper. With the great success from What If…?, there will very likely be a new season. Also, Marvel could make entire spinoffs of characters introduced in What If…? I could definitely see Captain Carter in her own movie, and hopefully, a movie with Howard the Duck. With Disney’s massive success in their Marvel Disney+ series, the only question is… what next?