A Note to the Priory Student Body


Tim Garvey '70

     I am a member of the graduating class of 1970 and I have an issue to raise with the moniker, “The Ravens”, for the Priory athletic teams. In 1970, it became apparent that we could no longer call our sports teams “The Rebels.”  So, we did what any group of individuals would do assuming some proclivity for and identification with the democratic process  —  we had a vote.  Various names were proposed, a healthy debate ensued, and a fair election was had.  The clear favorite was “The Priory Aardvarks,” generating enthusiasm among our students ready to go into battle on the sports fields under this banner.  Apparently, the coaches were not as sanguine, and a few groans were heard emitted by monks upon hearing the news.  The official process leading to the name change languished, and we went without an identity for the next several decades. 

     This brings us to the era of the Ravens.  Do Priory students still value the democratic process? Do current students believe that students should be listened to and respected?  If so, the previous valid election result cannot be discounted.  Stand up!  Efforts should begin immediately for a name change to the Priory Aardvarks.   Just think of the cool uniforms we could have.  Go Varks!

      Yours truly,

      Tim Garvey

      Class of 1970