Meet Coach Scott:


Ryan Lally '22, Editor

Could you talk a little bit about your track/XC background?

As you guys know, I’m from Jamaica, where track is essentially our national sport. I have been running track since I was 4 years old. I competed throughout high school in Jamaica, where I received a scholarship to attend Missouri Baptist University. I also attended York University in Toronto, Canada, where I also competed in track and field.  For the last four years, I coached as an assistant at Whitfield School in track and field and Cross Country. During this time, our boys XC team won three district titles while the girls won two. I have also coached two individual state champions and multiple State medalists in track and field.


What have you enjoyed most about coaching at Priory so far? 

Coaching the Junior school team. I know the High school boys will kill me for saying this, but coaching the junior school is fun. I get to teach them the fundamentals of XC at a young age, so by the time they get to the high school level, they are less likely to make any mistakes and will be strong and ultimately faster. 


What are your goals for this cross country season? My goal for this XC session is to get the team or many individual athletes to the state meet as possible. I think experience means a lot, and none of the team members has had the experience of running at the state competition. 

How about this Track season? My goals for the track season will be determined during the firsts three weeks of practice. It is tough for a coach to set goals when he does not know his athletic pool or the athletes’ work ethic on the team. 


If you could be any track and field athlete, who would it be and why? David Rudisha, because I would like to see what his workout is really like to achieve his 800m world record.


What would you say to any student considering running track in the spring? 

I would say, “Your time is limited in high school, so you might as well try something new.”