Heard in the Hallways (9/17)


Teacher: You should actually consult Dr. Davis on this.

Student: All roads lead to Dr. Davis


Teacher: You’re right. That is, indeed, sus.


Student: You play Pokémon Go too?


Student: If oxygen was discovered in 1772, what did we like… breathe before that?


Teacher: I put a frog in Orf’s coffee.


Student: How am I supposed to inform my friends if I don’t have any?


7th Grader: Who do you think will get kicked out today?

Senior: You.


Teacher: It might be a little nasty, but it’s fun. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.


Student: This schedule sucks!


Student: I have no time to write for The Record.

Editor: Of course you do!


Teacher: You’ll be the most popular kid in college if you can make a pot of coffee.

Student: Yeah, well, I don’t plan on having any friends in college.


Teacher:  *Hears Africa by Toto*  Gonna take some time to do the things we never had?  That’s not even parallel sentence structure.


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