Tips for Succeeding at Priory

Tips for Succeeding at Priory

Don’t Go It Alone – Aidan


The biggest piece of advice I can give to any younger student at Priory is to never try to do everything on your own. Go to others for help when you need it, as there’s no shame in seeking out help from teachers, other students, or your family whether it’s for your academics or anything else. I can’t tell you how many times I could’ve turned that C or B into an A if I had just gone to my teacher’s office hours or went to my classmates to ask for advice from them. I think in an academically rigorous and competitive environment like Priory, it can be tempting to try and do things on your own to build up your pride in your abilities. However, sometimes it’s for the best to put aside your pride and ask for the help you need. The highest achieving people don’t do everything on their own even if it appears that they do. You cannot become the best version of yourself by yourself.


Be Yourself – Aidan


I had difficulties socializing with others early on in my time at Priory. At Priory, like at all other high schools, there can be cliques of people and it can be difficult to befriend new people because of the cliques. There can be pressure to act and think like others in an effort to fit in and make friends. However, you should never sacrifice your own interests, personality, and values for the sake of “fitting in.” You need to and will find people who share your interests and values even if you haven’t met them or spoken to them much yet. After a while at Priory, I was able to find people who share my interests and values, and it felt much better to be myself with others who share my interests and values than to try and be someone I’m not for those who didn’t.


Be Appreciative – Aidan


Be appreciative of the opportunities you are getting by going to a prestigious school like Priory. Priory offers a lot of different extracurriculars, athletic opportunities, and academic opportunities that you can’t get at a lot of other schools. Take advantage of every opportunity that you can, as you never know what may actually interest you or what you may have an aptitude for. You also ought to keep in mind that your family is probably paying a significant amount of money for you to attend Priory, and you can get great returns on the investment if you really put your mind to academic and personal success. I didn’t always realize what a privilege it is to come to Priory, and I have some regrets on how I didn’t always appreciate the opportunities I had. Just always be conscious of the opportunities you have and do the best that you can in everything you do.


Have Fun – Sami

This has to be the most important tip I can give. When I first got to Priory, an upperclassman told me to have fun and talked about how fast it goes. As the skeptic I am, I was dubious of the idea that it would go fast. However, he was right. I was just talking to my friends about how it’s so odd we only have two more weeks here, and when the topic was brought up we began recounting the fun memories. Nobody talked about a rough test or missed homework, we just talked about those moments that make this experience worthwhile. 

Learn – Sami

All I mean by the word “learn” is to strive to understand the things you talk about in class. Perhaps it will show you a topic you enjoy that you did not know you enjoyed. A lot of us go through high school thinking of some subjects as more important than others, but this is a mistake that I do not suggest making. Strive to learn and understand what you are taught instead of just memorizing information. Perhaps this is the nerd in me, but not much is as fulfilling as having that “Ah hah” moment and the class you are in finally comes to life. So, put the work in to learn in every class and find what you are passionate about. 

Try New Things – Sami

High school is a time to try new things. This can be clubs, classes, sports, or just trying to talk to people that you do not usually talk to. The last thing anyone wants when they graduate is a regret that they did not try to do something new or meet someone new. I know that this is easier said than done. Many of us try to not overcommit in an attempt to save time for school but do not let some sort of fear of failure deter you from trying something new, especially at a place like Priory where so many safety nets are in place to prevent you from failing. The worst thing that can happen is you try and it does not work out but at least you put the effort in.


Now, we know this list was vague and not comprehensive. If anyone wants to know specific things about my time at Priory then they can ask us in the halls, but the point of this list was to give three general tips that allow any student at Priory to form their own path. That has been the best part about Priory for us. We both came here in the shadows of our brothers and we have done many of the same things they did, but when we talk about our experiences here, they are extremely different. So that is why all we had to say was don’t go at it alone, don’t conform, be appreciative, have fun, learn, and try new things because nobody should try to follow the same path as someone else or if they do they may have a fairly unenjoyable six years here doing things they are not passionate about.