School Sports Update

School Sports Update

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The Ravens golf team has had a very pro-like season thus far. The team has had some very dominant wins including a 24 stroke win in the metro-league tournament. This ELITE team is filled with some very exciting golfers: Nick Seifried, Andrew Wasinger, Grant Vineyard, Michael Margiotta, and Matthew Politte (who is currently recovering from a near-fatal trashcan basketball injury). Rounding out the team are some very solid underclassmen: Ryan Margiotta, Owen Farley, and Luke McLaughlin. The Junior-Varsity has also been very successful with a 4-0-1 record right now with some outstanding performances by Jack(Nelson) Seifried. With a team chemistry that rivals the 2019 Brooklyn Nets’ bench, these birds are poised to make some noise in what is undoubtedly the most competitive district in the state this year. (David Hartenbach)



The Priory Ravens Baseball team is off to a good start this year. At the time of writing this, we are 7-4 with one game against Westminster currently tied at 8-8 in the top of the sixth. The success we have seen this year is a combination of good coaching and a tight-knit team. If someone were to watch one of our practices it would look similar to normal practices of the past (with the addition of masks), but they would have to notice an infectious camaraderie that is showcased through laughter. We hope to keep a good thing going and make a deep run into the playoffs this year, but there is one thing that we would like to change: some fans every so often would be nice. We know that we have a bad location with that rough hill but the benefit of this is that there is plenty of space to socially distance. So, if your sport ends early and you have time to come watch a couple of innings, we would greatly appreciate it. (Sami Haddad)




Time for the article that everyone has been waiting for, the most esteemed, most self-proclaimed, most successful (definition of success is relative), and most respected (based on reliable sources) in the entire universe. Yes, we are talking about the one and only Ravens Lacrosse team.

After COVID-19 (bad) cancelled the 2020 season, the entire team was buried in emotional disarray. The potential for the team has looked great, with many seniors stepping up and joining the team to provide the necessary depth in the lineup. Unfortunately, the true ability of this team was never witnessed and the question of who would fill the seniors roles in 2021 was a question on everyone’s mind when the 2020 season ended.

Luckily, the men of Saint Louis Priory School are not ones to whine and gripe. Instead, they roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. After a slow start to the 2021 season, the birds have begun to roll, beating established teams like Chaminade and John Burroughs, showing that they belong among the top of the state rankings. 

This is no surprise when looking at the players who wear the Priory jerseys proudly. The defense is headed by junior Dave Sadasivam, who, after vast improvement, is among the top goalies in the state and is quoted as saying, “I try and model my game a lot after Tim Troutner, a professional lacrosse player.” Dave is helped out immensely by defenders like Captain Murphy Reese, TJ Soriano, Brendan Smith, and Harrison Wilmsen. Attackmen across the state crumble in fear at the sight of this D unit (not surprising, Harry = big and scary).

As for the offense, midfielders like Sam Chalfant, Brayden Schnurbusch, and Miles Pim have developed great chemistry with the Attack group also known as “The Three Stooges,” made up of Patrick O’Keefe, Carter Coleman, and Danny Leary. This group is accentuated by the jack of all trades, positionless Gabe “Grape” Kenma.

However, one of the biggest questions coming into the season was the one at the faceoff X. Through good draws with people like Piles Mim and Charlie “Chuckles” Martin, as well as wingplay by guys like Sam Reese and Mark Parent, the team has created a much better face off unit that, when playing well, can rival any team.

I would be lost in dismay if I wasn’t to mention a couple more individuals. Firstly, this is a team sport, and although I have listed several names, the team could not have success without the heart of guys like Joe Cyr and Tyler Buganski. I would also like to thank all the great coaches of the team who hold the team accountable each and every day. Most of all, I would like to thank the parents and students (Shoutout Steven Virtel and Drew Limp among others), who have shown great support throughout the Bird’s ups and downs. All in all, the team remains humble, and looks to continue working towards the playoffs, and more importantly, to continue building a lasting culture that will foster a winning lacrosse team for the future years. (Carter Coleman)




The Priory Ravens are still the reigning state champs. That is, in Ultimate Frisbee. Since no state tournament was held last year, the team still carries the mantle of state champs and we are trying to continue that legacy. Captains Michael Rashford, Seppo Hoijarvi, and Marc Chahoud, all playing in their 4th year, bring a lot of leadership to the team and three of the rest of the starting seven all are in their 3rd year of playing. We hope to carry our leadership, experience, and roster depth to a treasured state championship win, although this would not be possible without Mr. Tim Malecek heading our team. Up to this point in the season, the team is heading towards a state championship with a record of 4-1 and every game counts for seeding purposes in the state tournament. There are only four games left until the postseason and I would recommend attending a game if you have never seen one. Chairman Mal will give you a high five if you attend and get rowdy. (Thomas Johnson)




This season, the Track and Field team has been under new leadership with Coaches Kent Pettit, Jessica Moore, and Avery Pacella. The team has seen its members achieve many great accomplishments in many events. So far this season the team has attended meets at Chaminade, Orchard Farm, Lutheran North, and last Wednesday the Conference meet. At the meet last Wednesday, senior Carter Mercer won first place in the long jump event, junior Jahaad Forte placed second in the triple jump event, junior Matthew Roxas placed third in the 400-meter dash, and senior Adam Rolwes won first place in the pole vault event which hasn’t been done for nearly a decade in Priory Track and Field. A total of 11 personal records were recorded for Priory jumpers and sprinters in the meet. The Priory Track and Field team has only been getting better and better this season, so it’s certainly worth any student’s time to come out to a future meet and cheer the team on. 

Future meets include the meet at Principia on May 1, the Priory meet on May 7, and a meet at Lutheran North on May 11. (Aidan Phillips)