Mrs. Faucher: Potential Lawyer Turned Biologist



Sami Haddad, Editor

Mrs. Faucher joined the Priory community last year, but, due to COVID-19, not everyone has had the chance to meet her. Therefore, I decided to sit down to interview her in an attempt to help everyone learn more about her. 

Mrs. Faucher was born in St. Louis and attended St. Joseph’s Academy. Throughout her time in high school, she had a passion for science which she explored at the University of Tampa. In Tampa, she studied marine science and biology and spent some time working at Busch Garden where she says she enjoyed being able to feed giraffes and hippos. However, after graduating college Mrs. Faucher was found looking into two extremely different paths: law school and pursuing teaching. Initially, she chose the law route and was even accepted into law school, but after some thinking she chose to get her masters in teaching instead (this choice is one us at Priory are grateful for). 

After graduating, Mrs. Faucher moved back to St. Louis to teach at her alma mater, St. Joe. She spent three years at St. Joe before taking her talents to Webster Groves High School where she spent 19 years. She said she loved her time at Webster, but after 19 years and losing some of her honors classes, it was time for a change. So when one of her friends encouraged her to apply she did, and she got the job at Priory. 

When Mrs. Faucher came to Priory, she joined us with four children (those who do the play know her eldest daughter Christina), her husband, and her mom’s dog that she takes care of. So far she has enjoyed her time at Priory and has been kept extremely busy teaching seventh graders, eighth graders, freshmen, and seniors. She said, “I enjoy teaching students of all ages because they are all so different. The seventh graders are just starting to get it, and the seniors have a lot to look forward to.”

Despite enjoying her time so far, COVID-19 has put many of the things she wants to do on hold. This includes a two day trip with seniors to the Shaw Nature Reserve to partake in water and forestry studies, but she is hopeful this will be able to take place next year. This trip is emblematic of Mrs. Faucher’s life outside of school as well. She loves to spend time with nature (very surprising, considering environmental biology is her favorite subject to teach). She loves to go on hikes, spend time at her mom’s cabin in Innsbrook, and visit National Parks (Yellowstone is her favorite). 

Finally, I would like to mention that Mrs. Faucher is soon to be Dr. Faucher. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She takes the classes when she is not teaching her own classes and is enjoying the process so far, despite it keeping her very busy. 

As one of Mrs. Faucher’s students, I would like to say that all of us who have had her appreciate her passion for the subject matter and her infectious enthusiasm that she brings to class, and I hope that throughout each student’s time at Priory they get to experience this.