STUCO Update


Sami Haddad, Editor

This year has been the year of STUCO. Just kidding. In all honesty, this was not the year we were expecting. No dances, football games, or assemblies have lightened STUCO’s workload. But I wanted to let everyone know that we are still functioning, and there are no signs of our president staging a coup. 

Unlike our country’s leaders, we have been trying to keep the community together. The most prominent example of this was the mascot change. The seniors on STUCO participated in the mascot task force to help replace our outdated and offensive mascot. We understand that this was a change many did not see coming. A lot of students did not even make the connection between the Rebel and the Confederacy. Nonetheless, the connection was there, and a change needed to be made. Although the Penguins was our first choice, we are proud of our school’s new mascot, the Raven, which we hope will help bring a stronger feeling of service and loyalty to the community. 

Recently, STUCO worked on a service project with Viz, a food drive. We would like to thank everyone for helping with this great cause. In these troubling times, food banks are being relied upon now more than ever, and considering our Benedictine values, it is only right that we help those in need. 

We will continue to keep everyone posted on what we have been doing, but it is unclear what the rest of the year will bring. The vaccine rollout is happening, but most likely a return to normalcy (a Matthew Broder line) will not occur any time soon. We hope that STUCO has been able to improve everyone’s year in some way, and if not, please reach out to the representatives in your grade. Just like everyone in this community, we are trying to figure this all out, and we are still unsure what the best plan of action is. Our ears are always open, and considering the lack of events, our pocketbook is too.