Seventh Grade Letters to 2020


Connor Perschbacher and Anthony Beffa

Dear 2021,

I am hoping you are the year that Covid-19 will finally be behind us. It is crazy that it has almost been a year since the quarantine started. After all this time, I can safely say that I am happy for the New Year to come. In the New Year, I hope for everything to be back to normal, like going to the grocery store and school without a mask. Before Covid, I did not appreciate how lucky I was to be able to go to school and not worry about getting this unforgiving virus. It is the little things that now seem to matter the most. For example, being able to go to lunch without having to sit six-plus feet from everyone else and having to yell just to talk to them. I yearn to go to sports games in 2021 and to feel the excitement in the stadium, which can not be replicated while at home watching the game on television. In 2021, I also hope for each stage of the Covid-19 vaccine distribution to be complete and to finally say goodbye to masks. In addition to that, I hope all essential workers will be able to get a bit of a break and get away from all the hassle and stress that the year 2020 has brought us. In 2021, I hope to go on vacations, like my family and I used to before the pandemic, and be able to fly somewhere instead of a twenty-hour car ride. During 2020, I hardly ever went out to any restaurants, so this year I want to go back to some of my favorite restaurants and eat food in the restaurants instead of ordering takeout. In 2021, I hope that we don’t have to rely on technology as much as we had to in 2020 and most importantly forget about Zoom. While 2020 was a terrible year overall, when I look back there were a lot of good times too, like being able to spend more time with family and having nowhere to go for once. However, after a few months of quarantine, we can all agree that we were bored out of our minds. So, I can happily say I will not miss 2020 that much and I cannot wait for 2021 and the years to come, including something I did not value before, normalcy.


Connor Perschbacher


Dear 2020,

You were a very bad year for me and everyone on the earth. I really hated this whole year because of the pandemic and all the people that were lost. If I could have changed one thing about 2020 it would have been the pandemic. I did not get to see my friends, see family, go to people’s houses, or go on field trips with my old and new school. You definitely ruined my 2020 and my whole family’s year as well, I hope that 2021 is much better than you and does not ruin another year of everyone’s life. In 2020 there was so much sanitizing, wearing masks, and staying very clean, now everyone is so tired of it and wants to move on. The good parts of 2020 were when I got accepted into Priory, started playing football, got a phone, and survived the whole year. It was also the year I met a lot of new friends and I got my dog. If this pandemic never happened I would have spent a lot more time with my grandparents, seeing my old friends, going to the pool, and relaxing at Christmas. My hopes for 2021 are that this pandemic is finally over and a vaccine comes out, that I get to see my old friends, that I get to have a longer vacation, and that we do not have to wear masks anymore. In conclusion Mr. 2020, I hope there is never a year that is as bad as you and we do not have to wear masks ever again.

– Anthony Beffa