New Year. New Fake News Network?

New Year. New Fake News Network?

Peter Welz, Writer

Well, 2020 has come to a close. In the professional opinion of the employees at FNN, we believe that there has never been a year where truth ran more thoroughly through the media and those who have been given a voice by the not-at-all biased focus of modern news sources. No doubt 2021 will have big shoes to fill. In other news, President-elect Kamala Harri…I mean Joe Biden will be inaugurated early this year, with Donald Trump taking the defeat like a true gentleman. 

With the kicking off of the new year, it is time for a new weekly segment in FNN. We like to call it “Outsider Comments.” We will be approaching random people in the school and asking them to give any comment on whatever they like. These comments may be anonymous or named depending on the preference of the source. If you have a comment you would like published and don’t want to gamble on being the random person I choose, then too bad. I will be approaching at least one student or faculty member each week and their comments will appear in future articles. This week Peter Khoukaz is excited to see the Blues start playing soon against Colorado. No doubt his affections are shared by many. 

So, from now on, if you see a good looking guy walking up to you with an open MacBook Air in hand, then consider yourself lucky, because your voice is about to be heard.


Stay classy Priory.