Oh the Places You’ll Go(Coronavirus version)!

Oh the Places Youll Go(Coronavirus version)!

Matthew Broder, Writer


The time has come.

COVID has gone!

Get up off your bum!


You’ve got a kick in your step

and ambition overflowing

Normal has returned:

can’t you wait to get going?


Life is back. It’s everything you dreamed.

Maybe even better than you ever thought it seemed.

You’ll hit the town with not a mask in sight.

Maybe at first it won’t seem quite right.

But quickly you’ll scrap that initial doubt.

It’s been too long; you need to get out.


So you’ll crowd into restaurants, 

stadiums, and more.

You finally can do it:

It’s just like before.


Remember concerts and movies

and playoff games?

Remember backyards and parties

and bonfire flames?


You don’t have to worry.

The bad times have all gone.

A new day is coming:

now is just the dawn.


Emerge from the darkness!

Be clothed in the light!

Stow away your anxieties

and your unseemly fright!


You’ll hug and embrace,

with arms wide open,

You’ll laugh and you’ll cry

chock-full of emotion


You’ll sing a new song,

You’ll be dancing in the rain,

free at last, I tell you,

from your once-endless pain.


It was hard to go so long all alone,

harder than anything you’ve ever known.

But the fog has lifted, the sun now is shining

Even this cloud has its silver lining

By the grace of God we’ve made it through

Now is the time to begin things anew!