“Among Us” Review


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The most popular video game among seventh and eighth grade right now is “Among Us.” Five seventh graders explain the appeal of the game.


On June 15, 2018, the video game creator company InnerSloth released a game called “Among Us.” The game was relatively unheard of and only hit 1 million players just before the year 2020 began. In the year 2020, it slowly got popular, gaining about 100,000 people per month, but it was in August when it really started getting popular, getting over 7 times as popular in just one month. It went from 2.4 million downloads, to about 18.4 million downloads, and then got over twice as many downloads in September 2020. Why did it become so popular?

Compared to some of the other games of its time, such as “Fortnite” and “Call of Duty,” “Among Us” has very simple graphics and avatars, as well as a very simple plot as well, and does not take hours of training to become good at itthis might be part of why the game is popular. For many people, such as myself, they just play it just because it’s the new fad. Some people like the suspense of the game and it makes them feel excited inside. Other people like it because some of their favorite YouTubers and Twitch Streamers play it, which makes it cool. A simple reason is that it is free, and people do not like to spend money on mobile games whenever they can. Whatever the reason, “Among Us” is the big game among kids between the ages of 8-16 and does not look to be slowing down anytime soon. 

(Martin Miller)


If you have never played “Among Us,” you should try it out! “Among Us” is a fun cartoon murder mystery game to play with your friends or by yourself. You can have 4-10 people play at once. You can play with friends or just join a game with random people. “Among Us” takes strategy and thinking. In “Among Us” there are impostor(s) and crewmates. There can be 1, 2, or 3 impostors. The impostors are the murderers in the game. The crewmates are the players trying to fix the ship and find out who the impostors are. If the crewmates do all of their tasks to fix the ship, they win. They can also vote out the Impostors to win. In “Among Us” you can report dead bodies and call emergency meetings. If you report a body or call an emergency meeting you can try and vote out the impostor by discussing who you think it is. To win as an impostor, you have to murder all of the crewmates on the ship and be the last one(s) alive.

 (Sam Jung)


“Among Us” is a thrilling game taking people of all ages by storm across the globe. It is a murder mystery game, a new take on the classic game Clue. In each game, there are eight crewmates and two impostors. The goal of the game, if you are a crewmate, is to complete all of your tasks and to find the impostor. On the other hand, if you are the impostor the goal of the game is to kill everyone without getting caught. A game only takes 5 minutes, which makes it easy to play wherever and whenever. One of the main highlights of the game is that you can easily play with family and friends to try and solve the mystery together.

(Connor Perschbacher)


“Among Us” is the hot new game everyone is playing right now. “Among Us” is free to play on mobile devices and $5 on computer. “Among Us” is a murder mystery game where one, two, or three people – depending on what you chose – are the impostors and have to kill everyone else on the ship. If you are a crewmate on the ship, then you must complete all of your tasks or find out who the Impostor is to win. If you are an impostor then you have to kill the rest of the people in the match. Impostors can go in vents, sabotage rooms by closing doors, depleting the oxygen and causing reactor meltdowns.

If you want to play with friends in “Among Us,” at the start of a round there is a code, and you must tell your friends the code and let them join your game. If you don’t have any friends, like me, you can make the game public so other people from your continent can join. Typically matches are about 5-7 minutes long, but can be longer or shorter depending on how good or bad the impostor is. I recommend you get “Among Us” today to have a fun time playing with friends or others. Always remember, red is sus.

(Anthony Beffa)


           “Among Us” is a game that is a murder mystery on a spaceship that you have to solve in order to win. You will receive a job at the beginning of the game that will say “Impostor” or “Crewmate.” You can have up to ten people and up to three impostors in your game, you can choose, and you can play with friends and family, or play in public games. If you are the impostor, then your job is to murder everyone and not get caught. You will be given special privileges if you are the impostor, such as being able to sabotage the ship, creating a meltdown, or make the electricity go out which will make the crewmates’ vision impaired. If you are an impostor, then you can win by killing everyone until there are the same number of impostors as crewmates. There are endless amounts of things that you can do on this game – from solving a cool murder mystery as it is happening, to dimming the lights in the game and playing hide and seek –  and this game will surely keep you on your toes and having fun. 

(Henry Hibey)