Mrs. Rhodes – thank you and farewell



Anthony Dixon, Writer

At the end of this month, Mrs. Mary Rhodes, the Assistant Director of Development, will be retiring from Priory. This follows ten fulfilling years of helping to organize Xanadu, working with the Mothers’ and Fathers’ clubs, and planning alumni events. She has had three sons graduate from Priory and will be greatly missed. 

If you were to meet Mrs. Rhodes outside of Priory, you might find out that she is from Columbia, Mo., and that she loves to cook and to travel. She went to Notre Dame and there, she began to pursue a career as a trial lawyer.

Mrs. Rhodes believes that Priory is much more than just an education for young boys. She refers to the incredible six-year program as a period of information-formation. She continues, “You start as a young boy and you end up as a young man.” Mrs. Rhodes believes that Priory leaves an indelible mark on every student that attends, and she is absolutely correct. This is what makes her so committed to her job. Mrs. Rhodes, along with the rest of the development team, has had a lasting effect on all of us, whether we know it or not. 

Her favorite memory is the 50th Xanadu Auction. Mrs. Rhodes was able to see the commitment of those who had come before her, especially Claire Travis, the chair of the first ever Xanadu Auction in 1970. In describing the behind-the-scenes work of countless individuals, Mrs. Rhodes says, “It’s such a well-kept secret. I wish there were more people that knew about it!” 

Mrs. Rhodes appreciates how past and present Priory parents are so excited to come to Xanadu and how they view it as an opportunity to give back to the school, rather than an obligation to attend. She says that the fruit of her labor is the formation of strong friendships with Priory parents that transcend the time that their students are enrolled here.

I want to say thank you to Mrs. Rhodes for all of the time and effort she has put toward this great school. I hope that she enjoys her retirement and is able to make her trip to Ireland which she has always desired!