Michael Johnson


Anthony Dixon

“Wow, this field looks great.”


“I can’t believe this sidewalk is so clean.” 


These are phrases which we do not often hear during the school day, not because they are not true but because we do not take the time to appreciate the work that someone else has done for us.

I have often been in too much of a hurry to get to class and haven’t taken the time to consider those hard at work around me. 


Recently, though, I had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Johnson, a University City High School graduate who currently works on the maintenance staff. Along with learning that his favorite Priory lunch is flank steak, I gained a newfound appreciation for a man whom many of us have never met.


Mr. Johnson is the second eldest of four children and was one of two boys in his family to attend University City High School. While in school, Mr. Johnson kept busy studying math, his favorite subject, and playing on the school basketball team. 


A few years ago, Mr. Johnson, a full-time truck driver, was looking to settle down and raise a family. He was offered a job at Priory and gladly accepted. Mr. Johnson is now married with a twelve-year-old son and loves working somewhere that keeps him busy all day long. 


When we see the painstakingly precise lines and the pristinely cut grass of the playing fields, we should remember that someone spent a long time ensuring that we have an amazing campus. We must also never forget that we have even more amazing people ever laboring to improve our home away from home at Saint Louis Priory.