The New Advisory system


Nick Parafiniuk, Writer

This year, Priory instituted a new advisory system. Advisories now consist of a mix of students from all six grade levels, or what used to be referred to as junior schoolers and high schoolers. Although some students have had to switch advisors, this new system has had positive feedback across all grade levels! Priory is now bridging the divide once formed between grades 9-12 and grades 7 and 8.

Many clubs, such as Tutoria, have been trying to bridge this gap for years. I remember how much it meant to have high schoolers give up their time to come talk and meet younger students like myself when I was in the Junior School. Now everyone has an opportunity to meet and become friends with students across all grade levels. 

I was able to gather some students’ thoughts about the new advisory system and this is the positive feedback they gave…

New 7th grader Barrett Beimdiek said, “I thought that it was very different being in a classroom with many other kids from the entire school. I have Dr. Davis as an advisor and advisory has been going very well. Everyone is really nice and I have been making lots of friends.”

8th graders Drake Polcyn and Mick Murphy mentioned that they were initially confused about the change, but they like it overall. 

Freshman Evan Billhartz said, “Coach Brotherton has made the transition really smooth. He has asked us to make a short presentation about ourselves to learn about one another. Overall, it has been great!”

Sophomore Michael Mathis states, “The new advisory system has actually been going great. We haven’t had any issues adjusting to the new system.”

Junior Blaise Bick adds, “My advisor is Mr. Mitchom. I originally thought it was a bad idea because I like the idea of a high school advisory, but now I see how it would be beneficial for the junior schoolers. It allows them to feel more included with the school by getting to know some of the older guys. Overall it helps everyone feel more like a brotherhood.”

Senior Andrew Lloyd said, “It’s not as bad as I thought. Having them in the advisory really can bring the school together as a community which is necessary in a time like this.”

Overall this decision to combine advisories seems to be receiving positive feedback! Hopefully, this system will continue to bring our whole school together to form a brotherhood like no other!